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Woodworking Patterns, Boat Trailer

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-25
Once you have built your boat you really need a good boat trailer. This will enable you to store your boat at home and make it quick and easy to hook up and head for the water. There are certain criteria to look for when getting a trailer to suit your boat. It is not much good having a lovely boat and then get a sgungey trailer that will break down half way to the water. A common area of break down is the wheel bearings that are constantly getting immersed in water and especially salt water. You don't want to be half way to your next fishing weekend and loose a trailer wheel and have your lovely boat scattered all over the highway in pieces.
Make sure you know the total weight of your boat with the motor and all gear on board. Then go for a trailer that will carry this weight easily, say mid range carrying capacity. The bigger the wheels are the better as they will have to go round less times on the road reducing wear on your tires and wheel bearings. Some even get the trailer wheels to match the wheels of their vehicle so that your spare will be interchangeable.
Make sure that your trailer will get the boat into the water without you having to dunk your vehicle too. It should be structured in such a way so that you only need to winch for a few inches to tighten it back on. Some opt for a tilt trailer here as it gets your boat floating quicker and makes winching back on easy. It can be a bit tricky though so practice when there is no one about to laugh at you. Make sure too that your trailer is treated and suitable for use in salt water if that is where you are going to use it. Not much good having a trailer rust away underneath your boat and eventually collapse in a heap of rusty steel. Salt water is very corrosive and will destroy a trailer very quickly if it is not protected. The same goes for your vehicle so don't get it in the salt water and if you do by mistake give it a good wash underneath after.
Get a spare wheel with your trailer so you don't get stranded halve way to your favorite lake. With the right trailer you are not restricted to your fishing spots and can load up the family and head to the next lake if that is where they are biting.
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