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With The Electric Winch Cable Routed Through The

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-10
Both a manual and an electric winch are provided, which along with quick release pins on the various pulleys, allow for either winch cable to be routed to either boom. In addition, one winch may be used to retract the telescoping boom while under load. This invention is comprised of a removable, truck mounted crane consisting of a steel base frame with a double A-frame reel structure supporting two booms. A horizontal, telescoping steel tube boom which extends the reach of the crane well beyond the rear of the truck. This boom can be secured at various degrees of extension by means of a quick release pin. A second inclined, rear mounted steel wishbone boom is used for high vertical lift at the rear of the truck, or for extra support of the extended telescoping boom when under high loads. The entire wishbone boom assembly is mounted to the crane with quick release pins allowing it to be dropped down or removed if required for height clearance. The crane is easily mounted or removed from the truck bed by one person by means of steel bolts through the bottom frame of the crane which secure into nuts welded to the truck, and a steel storage stand with castor wheels for maneuvering, and a steel angle lip which supports the truck tailgate and aligns it with the stand, while preventing movement between that and truck while removing or replacing the crane. Rollers on the stand allow the crane to be easily pulled on and off. A hand winch secured to the end of the stand opposite the truck end is used to pull the crane onto the stand. A hand winch mounted on a U-shaped steel bracket which drops into the front stake holes on the pick up truck bed is used to pull the crane from the stand onto the truck. Previous cranes were generally designed for vertical hoisting only, and usually only close to the rear of the truck. Extended reach, and the ability to move loads horizontally onto the truck has not been provided. In addition, the problem of installing and removing a truck mounted crane was left to the user to solve, and often required additional hoists, structures, or individuals to assist in the process. Also, no method of moving or storing the crane off the truck has been provided. FIG. 1 is a side view of the crane, mounted on a truck, with the electric winch cable routed through the rear wish boom thereby prepared for close, heavy hoisting.
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