We specialize in the processing of trailers and winches for more than 8 years.

Why folding trailers is produced by so many manufacturers?
Folding trailers is marketable and profitable, thanks to its wide application and mature technology. The manufacturing is exciting and challenging. The input is significant, meaning that the manufacturers should be funded strongly. Certainly the world and everyday life are impacted in countless way.
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Excellent in supplying luggage trailer of top quality, Snowaves; Coastline. is famous for the considerate service also. The aluminum truck tool boxes series is widely praised by customers. The surface treatment of Snowaves; Coastline. plastic garden trailer mainly includes degreasing, anodizing, sandblasting, painting, and laser engraving. It has to go through surface inspection to guarantee burr free. With special surface processing, its scratch resistance capacity prolongs its lifespan. The product adds a sense of high-end elegant feeling to the places where it's placed. Modern people are fond of its simple yet practical design. Its protective plated finish makes it superior in colorfastness.

Leading the aluminum truck tool boxes industry has always been one of the aims of Snowaves Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.. Contact us!

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