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Which Is Better? Jogging Strollers Or Bike Trailers?

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-11
When you are a new parent, you may often need to give up your regular exercise regimen, but in a modern era, you do not have to give up exercise entirely. New strollers are now available that allow you to continue rigorous exercise while still keeping your child with you. There are two main types of these new exercise strollers, namely jogging units and bike trailers. Their names are rather self-explanatory, as a jogger is a stroller built to withstand the rigors of being pushed by someone who is running, while a bike trailer is a stroller built to be dragged behind a bike. The question however remains, which is better, the jogging stroller or a trailer behind a bike?
The biggest advantage to jogging units is that they are much easier to control than what's behind a bicycle. Bike trailers sometimes seem like they have a mind of their own, fishtailing all over behind the bike, but jogging strollers can be directly controlled by the person who is jogging behind them. With a jogging stroller, you also have to worry much less about traffic, which of course is not an issue if you live in an area with bike lanes, but many people do not have the luxury of bike lanes and must make do with sidewalks, which can only be traversed with one of these jogging strollers.
The main advantage to a bike trailer is the ease of use. Not much changes when you attach a biycle trailer to your bike, there is not much of a loss of control, and you can move at the same rate that you are used to moving at when you are on your bike. It allows you to take your children much farther than you could have taken them in any type of stroller, and have great experiences with them.
At the end of the day, the jogging stroller represents a far better value in safety and price. The bike trailer can be difficult to control, and while it does not represent a clear and present danger to you or your children, the jogging stroller allows you far more control and gives you far more piece of mind than constantly glancing back to check on the trailer. In addition the jogging stroller can be used without jogging, while bike trailers cant be used without a bike being present. This alone represents a major value advantage.
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