We specialize in the processing of trailers and winches for more than 8 years.

What products has Snowaves Mechanical developed?
Snowaves Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.is always committed to product excellence. Yet the growth of new goods isn't random -- It follows an extensive research process, where we concentrate on actual issues that demand better solutions within the area. After determining what the market requirements, we design a strategy which caters to your own favor. Our long record of trailer winch has innovated the business.
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Folding trailers produced by Snowaves Mechanical is in a leading position in the domestic market. The folding trailers series has become a hot product of Snowaves Mechanical . The materials used in Snowaves; Coastline. folding trailers are carefully selected. Materials that are sharp or pointed, or may penetrate the bottom and side, or contain irritating substances are seriously excluded out during materials procurement. Its loading capacity makes it a necessity for camping trips and outing. The fabric of this product does not contain any skin irritants. Thus it is soft, supple and suitable on all types of skin. Its loading capacity makes it a necessity for camping trips and outing.

Snowaves; Coastline. wants to be a leading company providing quality products and services to customers. Welcome to visit our factory!

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