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Underground Cables And Equipment

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-13
You probably do not know this but cables are everywhere. And if you do not see them in the streets it is simply because they have been put underground. It has become more and more popular over the years to burry the electric cables underground rather than let them outside on posts. It is also safer for the people walking in the streets. But underground cable installation can take a lot of time and be very costly. The first fact is you need a lot of equipment to burry cables. You will need machines like an underground cable winch or cables ploughs, to help you put the cables underground and then cover the trench dug. The underground cable winch can be a very useful machine to have with you, as it allows you to pull cables and ropes at a very uniform speed and collect it. Depending on what you need to do, you can even just get a portable mini winch that is best used when placed just on a manhole to pull ropes or small cables. Being small and light makes it perfect for small jobs involving only light cables or cables of short length. But going back to bigger projects, the appropriate machines need to be used. You obviously need a cable trailer to be able to carry the cables you are going to use. Once again, you can find different cable trailers depending on the length and weight of the cables you need to carry. Those cable trailers are made to be able to cope with heavy loads and outdoor conditions. The chassis and drum frames are usually galvanised to resist longer to the corrosion resulting from the rain for example. Different other features are also included like deflector wings to prevent the mudguard from being damages by posts or any other type of obstacles. Whatever the case, all people working on such projects should be equipped with the appropriate clothing and tools. Things like insulating blankets or insulated tools should be used at all time when dealing with electric cables, to make sure the work can be done as safely as possible without endangering anybody's life. Even if those tools can sometimes cost more than non insulated tools, they are safer to work with when doing work on cables. It is very easy to buy those insulated tools as they can now be found in nearly every specialised shop.
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