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Tyler Perry's Newest Release of the Madea Movies

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-08
Tyler Perry has done it again in the latest of the Madea movies, 'Madea's Witness Protection.' The beloved wise-cracking African-American grandma is again making her presence known on the big screen. Played by the ever prolific and talented Tyler Perry himself, Madea opens her home to a family on the run from the Mob. Comic genius Eugene Levy plays the CFO of a New York investment house who is framed and accused of defrauding churches and charities. The boisterous 'real-life' household of Madea forces his family and hers to learn some invaluable lessons. George Needleman, a high level CFO in New York City, is accused of spearheading a Ponzi scheme involving the mob. This forces his family into the witness protection program. Madea's house down south with her brother, Joe and nephew Brian is a place that absolutely no one will think to look for them.
While not necessarily intended to be Christian films, most Madea movies usually feature a distinctive Judeo-Christian worldview. 'Madea's Witness Protection' takes a positive approach to the very touchy issues of race relations and shows how the average person can overcome racial bigotry by cultivating compassion and understanding. The character of Madea in Tyler Perry movies embodies a number of other themes, including: a teaching experience for living 'The Golden Rule' within the family, letting go of excessive materials, and offering productive alternatives for dealing with anger. Madea helps to answer the question-Does God 'punish us' for our sins? Other reinforcing moral qualities teach to welcome strangers, respect elders, and honor parents. Although Madea's character may reflect some irony with her Christian charity, she holds conviction not to be too self serving.
Perry has said in various interviews that he pulled from the various personalities in his own family to create his alter ego, Madea. However, he confesses that his childhood was difficult. 'I was quiet and always felt out of place my entire life. We grew up poor, but somehow I always knew that I could have a better life. No one around me believed that. I ended up keeping all my dreams to myself because whenever I'd share them with people they'd end up tearing them apart.' Yet even with all the emotional despair he suffered as a child, Tyler Perry is still able to create humorous characters like Madea who has developed into a beloved character with a fan base all her own.
'Madea's Witness Protection' is due for release on June, 29. As an American comedy-drama film directed, written, and produced by Tyler Perry, this will be the fourteenth film in Perry's film franchise, and the seventh in the Madea franchise.'Madea's Witness Protection' is the fourth Tyler Perry film not adapted from a play alongside The Family That Preys, Daddy's Little Girls, and Good Deeds.
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