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Turn Yourself and Your Jeep Into Post-Apocalyptic Warriors

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-17
We take a lot of things for granted here in the States. We assume that fresh water will flow from our faucets, that the police are at hand to keep the peace, and that most people show at least a modicum of respect for their neighbors. But, what happens when the stitching holding together the social fabric rips and everything goes topsy-turvy? Will you and your Jeep be ready to survive the fallout, or will you allow yourself to be taken prisoner and sent to toil away in a salt mine for the rest of your hardscrabble life? After some exhaustive research (watching hours and hours of Hollywood's finest B-movies on the subject), I've compiled some practical advice for anyone who wants to make it through the downfall.
Survival Tip Alpha: A Good Set of Wheels is Priceless
The breakdown of society is not going to be tidy. Expect massive piles of rubble strewn helter-skelter, craterous potholes on the remaining stretches of road, and downed electric poles spread out like a kicked stack of Lincoln Logs. No Geo Metro is going to last a minute in these conditions, so you need a proper survival vehicle: a Jeep. But, a stock Wrangler still needs some extra Jeep accessories to handle the badlands. The first upgrade has to be some armor plating. Welding a cage around your cockpit may not stop a bazooka blast, but it'll definitely deflect small-arms fire. Next, you'll want to bolt on a couple winches: one up front and one in back. Not only can winches pull you to safety if you get stuck, but they're also useful for clearing obstacles, rescuing potential mates, and setting clothesline booby traps.
Survival Tip Beta: Avoid Groups
If cinema has taught us anything, it's that the loner is always the last one standing. Gangs of raiders and cowering clans of fearful farmers always meet their maker in the end. However, forming a wolf pack of two, just you and your Jeep, gives you greater odds. You're more nimble, better at evasion, and less likely to be commanded to go on a suicide pillaging mission.
Survival Tip Gamma: Hone Your Karate Skills
Not only will water and gasoline be scarce, but you won't be able to skip down to the local big box store to score ammunition whenever you need it. Bullets will be worth their weight in gold, and you won't want to waste them on every cannibal that crosses your path. You need to train your hands, feet and knees to be lethal weapons. One well-timed roundhouse to the face of your adversaries is enough to immobilize them for good.
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