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Trailers - Flatbed, Enclosed and Reefer

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-02
Trailers, also known as Utility Trailers are unpowered vehicles which are generally pulled by a powered vehicle. These are vehicles used for transportation of various goods and materials from one place to another. They come in all different styles, models, capacities and sizes to meet diverse industry requirements. These serve many different purposes and are available in a wide variety of price ranges.
Three main types of trailers available in the market are Flatbed, Enclosed and Reefers. Flatbed are open type trailers; these are platforms with no sides or stakes. These trailers are used for transporting large equipment and goods which are unconventional in size and do not fit in an enclosed trailer.
Flatbed trailers: Are robust in construction and most appropriate for carrying cars, motor bikes, large boulders, heavy machinery, mowers, landscaping blocks and even other trailers. These are available in different lengths, capacities with single and multi-axle systems as per the needs and requirements of clients. Flatbed are also called Platform or Deck trailers. Varieties of flatbed trailers include drop decks, lowboys, standard straight floor flatbeds and other specialized flatbeds.
Enclosed trailers: Are fully covered by four sides and a roof. These are generally used for carrying valuable objects that need protection from rain, air, sun and weather conditions and are apt for carrying cabinets, electronics, furniture and other related materials. Enclosed with rear doors, such trailers are also great for hauling livestock and food items.
Reefers: Are specialized enclosed trailers with a refrigeration unit attached. These are used for shipment of agricultural products, fish, flowers, medicines, food items and other perishable goods that can get damaged due to high temperatures. Reefer Trailers are also available in different temperature and capacities as per clients' requirements.
Various types of trailers available in the market are close-coupled, full, motorcycle, livestock, powered, mover, semi, winches and travel trailer.
While some trailers are used in construction sites and ship yards for transportation of diverse materials, Travel trailers, also known as recreational vehicles, are available with limited living facilities. These have king size beds, kitchen appliances, big screen televisions, air conditioners and bathroom. Today's travel trailers are really a home away from home.
Relocating across the town or the country can be a burdensome when you think about the things you need to transport. For house or office relocation, a flatbed trailer is definitely the best option. These trailers are apt to carry large home appliances, beds, cabinets and office furniture. Flatbeds can be loaded and unloaded from the sides with ease and do not require an elevated forklift for the same. Available in varied specifications, the flatbed trailers save time, energy and effort during relocation and can be purchased or hired at cost effective prices.
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