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Trailers and Tires - All You Need to Know About

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-21
Taking good care of your boat trailer would not only ensure good performance each time you use it but would also save you a lot of money that would otherwise have went to repairs or replacement parts. As such, each part of your trailer must be property maintained and this goes for your boat trailer tires in particular. Tires are among the hardest worn parts of boat trailers, and every other vehicle for that matter. This is reason alone as to why your trailer's tires need special attention.
Keeping weather effects in check
Proper care of boat trailer tires entails, first and foremost, protecting them from effects of the sun, snow, and other weather elements. You can give your tires this kind of protection by using such products as tire sprays for keeping the rubber soft, UV resistant tire covers for keeping the sun away, and good quality axle grease for covering leaks and for other routine maintenance purposes. You can easily get most of these products from your local auto supply store or a specialty tire supply outlet.
Replacing trailer tires
No amount of proper maintenance, however, can give you trailer tires that would last a lifetime. It is, in fact, a good idea to replace your tires at least once in four years or when they are already completely worn out, whichever comes first. You would know that your boat trailer tires are completely worn out if they bear signs of dry rot, which refers to a series of cracks that run along the circumference of a tire. If you begin to notice such cracks on your tires, it would be a good idea to replace the tires before using the trailer again. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting stuck on the road with bust tires. The latter scenario usually also includes towing fees and other expensive repair expenses.
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