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Trailer: Types and Functionality

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-26
From the dictionary's perspective a trailer is a vehicle that is used for the transportation.
It is usually used for carrying heavy material including cargo, furniture as well as automobiles like cars, motorcycles and bicycles.
They are available in different sizes and shapes and are therefore categorized according to their design and functionality. They can be used for personal purposes also in addition to the business and official purposes.
Some of the commonly used trailers are listed below:
• Travel trailer
The name is self explanatory and hence travel trailer serves the traveling purpose. It is very easy to be towed by a truck or a tractor or even a car with the help of just a single point of attachment and is therefore very useful for carrying out the journey.
• Semi-trailer truck
Semi-trailer is used for travel as well as for business and commercial purposes. In comparison to the travel trailer it has a large capacity which makes it pretty spacious and therefore must be towed by a truck or a tractor as it can not be towed by a car.
• Open trailers
It is mostly used for the transportation of disposed material. Also it is used for carrying the farm equipment.
Because it is open and has no roof, it is unsafe for the transportation of materials which are fragile in nature. Therefore one must always be careful while driving such trailers to ensure that the material being carried by it reaches safely.
• Enclosed trailer
It is completely opposite to the open trailer and is used for hauling expensive machinery as it provides protection from bad weather conditions as well as from bad situations like robbery. Fragile materials can be easily transported via this kind of trailer and hence it is the most general purpose trailer available.
• Tanker trailer
It is a tanker shaped trailer and is used for the transportation of liquids. Liquids mostly include petrol, nitrogen liquid etc. It requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning as well as care to be transported from one place to another safely due to the nature of highly flammable liquids it carries.
• Flatbed trailer
Flat bed trailer is only used for the transportation of heavy machinery which is loaded with the help of a crane as a person can not load material inside it. Because it carries heavy material it must be driven very carefully to avoid any accidental damage that can happen on the road.
• Livestock trailer
Livestock trailer is used for transporting farm animals including cows, goats, sheep, lamb etc. It is specially designed to allow ventilation for the animals. The driver must regularly check the animals inside to make sure that they are being transported safely and healthily without the danger of getting injured.
• Van semi trailer
Like flatbed trailer, it is also used for the transportation of heavy weight machinery which is loaded with the help of a crane or a fork lift. It also requires regular checkups and maintenance to avoid any kind of malfunctioning.
Car trailer comes under the category of enclosed trailer. Some companies are available online as well as offline which design trailers on the demands of a client. These companies also have a rent option in addition to the sale option to make the transportation feasible for the clients.
Therefore the trailer must be chosen according to its type, design and most importantly the kind of functionality it provides to make the transportation a happy journey.
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