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Then and Now on a Farm

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-06
When I was young, I had a friend who had family that owned a farm in the middle of The Netherlands' countryside. We went on holiday there once to experience what life there was like as we lived in a big city.
Little did I imagine that it was the most basic life I ever experienced! The weather was awful and we could, of course, not wear our city shoes. The farmer's wife provided us with Dutch clogs. If one has ever experienced wearing such things, then you know that wearing them hurts your feet.
Dutch clogs are made out of wood and they have absolutely no give when it comes to accommodating your feet. They are useful, however, in the winter as wood remains relatively warm and at that time of the year the Dutch farm folk line them with straw to keep the feet warm.
After a week of wearing this footwear, my feet actually got used to them as you start walking in a different way and the blisters disappeared.
Another thing about this farm was that it had no flushable toilet. If you were caught short you had to walk across the farm yard and sit on a wooden contraption with a big hole like a toilet seat. Whatever you deposited there landed in other people's ablutions and once a week the farmer's wife had to empty the thing. In the summer it is a bad experience because of the flies that were buzzing around.
One day, when I was making my toilet, a chicken flew through the window. It had nowhere to go so the chicken sat on my lap for the duration of the toilet.
However, the farm experience was a good one as we city girls got an insight in the hard life of the farmer and his family and the little money they were making. For children this kind of life is idyllic because you have a great deal of space in which to run wild.
Every morning my friend and I would go and feed the two pigs in the yard. They eat anything you give them as they do not only eat plants, but also meat. If there were any dead chicks we used to feed them to the pigs as well.
The farmer would have been greatly helped if he had known of the ATV trailers if they had been on the market in those days. These trailers are made for every kind of sport, agricultural use and boat use. They have cushioned suspension and they can transport most things as they have sides that can be let down.
There are also trailers that are specifically designed to have accommodation. Of course, the Americans call caravans trailers and they can be very spacious. The advantage of these is that you can hook them up to your car and take them anywhere you want. They are more comfortable than sleeping in a tent and they have a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen area.
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