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The Grizzly H6241 Trailer Dolly Gives You Plenty of Muscle

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-24
When you have a trailer or heavy equipment to move, you can always use a helping hand. Instead of breaking backs, a trailer dolly can answer the call. You are going to find that moving heavy equipment, trailers and anything else you can imagine gets a lot easier when you have a Grizzly H62241 Trailer Dolly.
This is the perfect item to make all of these difficult tasks extremely easy. Instead of having to use a vehicle or some other device that cannot maneuver, the Grizzly uses a single ball on the front that allows you to literally turn on a dime. For anyone that has ever tried to move things in tight spaces, you know how vital this ability is.
Just look at how much trouble it can be to get your boat parked into your yard. If you have been doing this for a while, you might be able to get it in there fast, but most people are not used to parking equipment like this and it takes quite a bit to get used to the movement of the trailer and still keep your auto under control.
You should keep in mind that this particular trailer is only built to handle about 600 pounds, but if that won't do it, they have others that will. The Grizzly Trailer Dolly also features air filled tires that are preferred due to the fact the solid tires are often made of a cheaper plastic and can end up blowing out on you.
When you are looking to move heavy equipment or one of your little outdoor toys, there is no need to get frustrated or to you break your back in the process. Trailer dollies make the whole process a lot easier and with their price, there is no need not to make this investment.
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