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The Freeman PFR2190 - A Great Nailer For Your Attention

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-16
The Freeman PFR2190nailgun delivers 21 degree framing fasteners. A pneumatic framing nailer that is powered by compressed air. Built from magnesium and anodized aluminium produces a great power tool that's got to be good enough for commercial use. And oil-less parts means you have a maintenance free design. Of course it comes with a extra features that you would usually expect to find with a high end nailgun. Like a 360 degree fully adjustable air vent that'll make sure that you don't get moister spots on the surface of the wood. Also an air filter with dust cap that will prevent damage to your nailgun from any contaminants in your air supply. The magnesium body lowers the tools weight and at the same time enhances its durability. It also features an interchangeable trigger, enabling you to switch between single and contact firing. The driving blade is built to last a lifetime literally, since it is made from high strength, heat-treated steal. In common with all Freeman products, top quality control measures means that you get a top quality product right out of the box that will last you a lifetime. This power tool is certainly good enough to be used at a harsh conditions of a building site as well as serving very well the DIY enthusiast. Included with the nailgun is a set of goggles, wrenches, and a plastic case. In the USA, Red from Montana has this to say about his Freeman nailer... 'I just can't get over the price of this gun. I knew it was going to be pretty good when I read the reviews, but I really wasn't expecting something this professional in this price range. All the action is smooth; everything is where and how it should be. Huge power and quality. When I first set my eyes on it when I opened the case I literally said out loud, 'now THAT'S a nail gun!'. I couldn't be happier and so far so good. In fact I'll be buying a couple more for gifts this season. I can't think of anything specific to praise that hasn't already been mentioned in the description or other reviews, but I definitely wanted to concur that I highly recommend this gun and if you get it you shouldn't regret it.' Even in this age, Freeman endeavor to produce quality products and at the same time maintain acceptable prices. Their rugged construction and the included seven year warranty are demonstrate that these tools are of quality construction. You will have concluded from this Freeman pfr2190 reviewthat this framing nail gun is a superb choice for professionals that'll put it through the day-to-day rigors at the job site. For a well equipped nailer this is very good value for money.
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