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The Correct Exhibition Trailer For You

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-17
One of the most innovative and noticeable ways to get your marketing message across, both on the road or at a specific industrial or consumer event is by using an exhibition trailer. Dependant on location an exhibition trailer is also known as a show trailer and promotion trailer, but these vehicles are essentially the same and refer to a range of vehicles that start as mobile billboards but can also be large mobile showrooms. Generally, an exhibition trailer comes in three sizes: Small Exhibition Trailer These trailers are able to be towed by a standard family sized car and are ideal for smaller events, where you may require the display and storage of a limited amount of marketing material. An exhibition trailer is easy to set up and take down by a single individual. This solution is recommended for field sales representatives and small business owners, or where stall space is at a premium or the budget is not expansive. Middle Sized Exhibition Trailer Where you may require extra space to physically sell a product to event attendees, a middle-sized exhibition trailer may be the answer. These trailers will need to be towed by a larger 4x4 vehicle and may have folding wings that allow you to gain extra display and storage space, helping you and your colleagues to make an impact at your event. A exhibition trailer of this size may also have drop skirts and awnings to further enhance your display and allow you to push your product to your potential clients. Large sized Exhibition Trailer You may be able to secure the use of larger articulated vehicles that can be driven on a normal UK or European Union driving license, but in general an exhibition trailer of this size will require the driver to hold a current HGV license. A larger exhibition trailer is usually provided by a company offering this service and is a high end solution for the more corporate or blue chip business. These trailers can be tailored to the companies specific requirements and can boast full video or audio displays, catering facilities, bespoke electrical equipment such as computers, televisions etc and can be staffed by a dedicated crew of marketers supplied by the hiring firm. In the majority of cases, larger exhibition trailers are a cost effective marketing solution for corporate events or product launches when they are hired from one of the many specialist events trailer hire companies that are available in the market place. It can be argued that if you have specialist requirements for your exhibition trailer or if you have an on-going marketing strategy that requires the long term use of a trailer, then purchasing and customising your own fleet of exhibition trailers may be the better option for your company in the long run.
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