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Spring Launch For Your Boat

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-26
After the cleaning, waxing and bottom painting your boat or 's great to have that first launch. Whether by travel lift at a marina or by your boat trailer from home. I don't know if the excitement is the accomplishment of all the work done to get to this point, or just to feel afloat on the water again! Maybe it is a little of it is exciting!
As you know the work is not quite finished yet. Bilges in your Powerboat or Sailboat have to be checked when launched, bilge pumps must be checked for proper operation, and of course the engine has to be started. I crank the engine over without having it start so all the oil can lubricate the engine before I actually start it. This way the internal parts are not metal to metal for the first few seconds 's very bad!
Once started, I check all the hose connections for leakage and hose clamp the same time, I'm looking for any worn areas on the hose you get from rubbing on something. When the engine gets to operating temperature, I do another check on the hoses. At higher temperatures and pressure, you may see a hose expand too much, or even have a small (or large) bubble on it. This needs to be changed. Any telltale rust from engine parts, let's you know if something is loose. Movement or some water weepage leaves rust or marks letting you know attention is needed.
It is so good to hear the engine again knowing you can cruise out and about going to coves and harbors, plus fishing, yes.
Check to see that all your marine extinguishers are full and not out of shake them a bunch to loosen the powder within from that entire time sitting. Your boating flare kit is important too. Make sure it is not out of date also and all is in order. Lifejackets should be in good order and enough for everyone onboard. A medical kit should carry an assortment of band-aids, bandages, cut ointment, aspirin, and other products to keep you and your guests don't forget that suntan lotion!
The first time you get to your slip or anchorage and turn on that stereo and the barbecue.. Well, it's like heaven... and Why Knot!
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