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Six Smart Tips on Buying a Boat Trailer

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-20
Although most consumers spend time and effort shopping for a boat before they buy it, they often put little thought into their boat trailer purchase. In fact, many consumers, while willing to spend large sums of money on a boat, often opt to purchase a cheap trailer.
Boat owners who purchase quality trailers, however, acquire an efficient dual-purpose piece of equipment, one that not only provides them with convenient boat storage but that also allows them to take their boats with them on travel.
To get the most out of your money-and your boating experience-keep these tips in mind as you shop for a trailer:
Carrying Capacity
The boat, its motor and all gear should weigh in at about half the trailer's carrying capacity. If your boat weighs 2,500 lbs., for instance, don't purchase a trailer with only a 2,500 lb. capacity.
Tire Diameter
Select a trailer with tires that are large in diameter. They'll spin fewer times per mile, thus producing less heat and less wear on the road. Because they'll also rotate fewer times per mile, the wheel bearing will last longer, too.
Drive-on Capability
For easy loading, select a trailer with 'drive-on' capability which will allow you to literally drive your boat onto the trailer. You'll also be able to maneuver close to the winch so that, after only a few cranks, your boat will be in proper position.
Sealed Lights
Choose a trailer with lights that have been sealed against water, particularly if you plan to spend time on the highway.
As you shop, consider the type of boating you plan to do. Once you've determined that, your trailer options will narrow. Many types of trailers exist, each designed for a particular type of boating. Although most have weather and rust protection, it's best to pick the trailer that's specifically made for your purpose. Not only will it last longer, but it will also work more efficiently. For example, if you'll be launching in sea water, you'll require a trailer designed for that purpose.
Spare Tire
If you're planning to travel long distances, then a trailer that comes with a spare tire is a great investment. Although changing a flat on a boat trailer, particularly in the dark, is difficult, still it's great to have that option when you're on the road.
Don't purchase just any trailer for your boat. Keep the above tips in mind as you shop around. Purchasing a quality boat trailer that's right for you will save you both time and money in the long run. Not only will a reliable trailer allow you and your boat to travel to new and exciting locales safely, but when you're not traveling, it also will make a great storage unit.
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