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Searching Out Ultra Lite Travel Trailers

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-04
Travelers and campers all across the country more and more are searching for camper trailers that are able to be pulled by small pickups, light trucks, crossover vehicles, sports utility vehicles and even cars. These types of camper trailers are called ultra lite travel trailers and this is because they are not only light weight but they are low profile and aerodynamic. Many of these trailers have bed ends that can be expanded out creating more interior room as well as sliders that increase overall space and make an otherwise slim design trailer into a roomy and comfortable living and sleeping quarters.
Popular features like improved floorplans that range from 16 feet to 31 feet along with a light total gross weight are what define ultra lite towable trailers. It is also important to keep in mind that these modern and heavily researched and designed trailers are not short on room for clothes, kitchen ware, equipment and other storage just because they are considered lighter weight concepts. These trailers hold space for wide countertops with plenty of surface area, cabinets that hold a lot of wares, exterior storage space that is large enough for outdoor gear. These are important standards for today's lite weight trailers and any RV buyer is going to come to expect these types of amenities when looking for a trailer to purchase.
The various and innovative ultra lite travel trailers on the market today have multiple manufacturers that have put thousands of man hours into finding the best designs, structures and materials to produce their own durable, functional and attractive recreational vehicles leading to a marketplace that has many viable options for the buyer to choose from. The many serious and reputable trailer builders have made the buying experience for any serious camper one where there exists a very good prospect for finding a travel trailer that fits anyone's particular tastes. These trailers have been produced with attention paid to every last detail and with particular focus on towability, curb weight and resistance to wind and weather. Again, these trailers are able to be moved by a light SUV, half ton pickup truck, crossover and even a car or minivan.
The unloaded weight of any ultra light travel trailer will typically range from 3000 to 5000 pounds. Some trailers will be lighter; somewhere in the range of 1500 to 2000 can be found. Trailers in the 5000 pound area are realistically nearing the top limit for this weight class and should be the maximum considered by those looking for a true light weight trailer option. But there are a few trailers that are said to be in the ultra lite class and actually ring in with a total unloaded weight of 6000 to 7000 pounds; however, anyone who chooses to purchase a trailer in this range should check with their vehicle manufacturer to verify that they will be able to tow this heavy of a trailer.
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