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Manual and Electric Boat Trailer Winches

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-17
Boat trailer winches, in manual or electric mode, offers a safer and easier retrieval with 600 - 3600lbs pull capacity on a manual or up to 11500lbs on electric.
A manual trailer winch is constructed with a solid gear configuration, in a heavy-gauge steel housing, and coated with a corrosion-resistant paint. A large handle, with a diameter of 8 to 10-inch offers more pull, with increased leverage, all to result in less overall effort. A nylon, water-resistant pull strap can range in length from 21 - 30-inch, and 2-inch in width.
A hand winch with a single gear system can operate at more than one speed. A low speed offers increased advantage and mechanical grip, while a fast speed results in a quick pull in. High carbon steel gears, offering strength and long-term durability, can easily slide into the most appropriate position.
Rugged, dependable trailer winches offer resistance to rust, abrasion, impact, chemical corrosion, salt spray and all other factors that run common in a saltwater environment. Installing on a trailer is often a simple process, with holes pre-drilled and a mounting kit included.
An easier alternative to a hand crank winch (relies on brute force to operate) is that of the smooth pulling action of an electric trailer winch. These offer quiet mechanical performance at the push of a switch. A powered winch can connect to a 12-volt auto or truck battery, and comes complete with clutch control, galvanized cable, and encased in weatherproofed housing. As a back up due to emergency or power failure, a winch of this nature can have a manual crank attached.
A manual or electric trailer winch offers a convenient solution for launching or recovering a boat to its trailer single-handed without needing to over exert yourself after a day at sea.

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