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Making a Used Boat New Again

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-22
Giving pontoons, fishing boats, and speed boats new life
To most watercraft enthusiasts, a boat is a large investment, not only in gasoline but maintenance and insurance. To increase the comfort and enjoyment of a boat, many boat owners routinely remove and replace the original worn boat carpet with marine-grade boat carpet-the same used by the factories that installed the original carpet on their boats.
Many boat owners prefer to install new boat carpeting themselves, but if you are wondering how to carpet a boat, or hiring someone else to install it, quality boat carpet can easily be ordered through reputable companies online or over the phone. Avoid low-quality boat carpet and find a boat carpet supplier that major boat manufacturers use on their boats. Select a carpet that is guaranteed to last at least three to five years.
Be sure to also get enough marine-grade adhesive that is safe and environmentally friendly. Choose the best for adhering the marine-grade carpet to your boat; the kind specially made to withstand elements of sea air, humidity, and moisture.
Fishing boats require a much stronger, more durable type of carpet that have ultra violet- (UV) resistant fibers and resist mildew, mold, and stains better. If your bass boat or fishing boat is often subjected to cold and wet conditions, select marine carpet that is thick and made with stronger, more durable material.
Marine-grade quality carpet provides years of service manufactured with mold and mildew proof technology, along with stain and UV fade-resistant polypropylene yarn to withstand heavy exposure to rain, snow, or direct sunlight-much longer than most outdoor carpets can. Usually maintenance consists of a hose down with warm water and mild detergent.
Upgrading to a higher quality carpet that is plusher and will last longer
Investing in a high-quality marine-grade carpet could be one of the best investments you can make. When shopping for boat carpet, cut-pile, cut-loop, and textured carpets are popular choices.
There are many color and design choices available today, and sometimes there are clearance or sale items resulting from excess stock, short runs or smaller cuts that are all of excellent value.
Some marine-grade carpets hold up better to fading and high traffic than others, but if you choose a reputable boat carpet supplier they will be able to help guide you on your particular needs.
Some suppliers will sell carpet panels or carpet tiles that snap into place. While this is handy for some purposes, these sections tend to fray and curl at corners, and wearing out sooner. It's always better to use one whole piece of marine grade carpeting. It is easy to cut into shapes that best fit the area of your boat and looks better, too.
Boat trailer carpet (bunk carpeting)
Keep the trailer and the boat protected from the friction of surfaces every time they come in contact with each other and replace worn or damaged boat trailer carpet with new carpet. It is an inexpensive way to ensure against possible damage and will save hundreds of dollars in repairs and headaches.
Latex-backed bunk carpet allows the carpet to dry quickly and completely, and eliminates the concerns of water retention in the wood bunks, preventing rotting and molding of trailer bunk boards.
Designed for pontoon boats, bass boats, ski boats, and even yachts, marine carpet is also useful any place where moisture might be a concern. Rubber-backed marine-grade carpets are ideally suited for high-traffic places such as docks, rafts, patios, garages, or areas that require durable, footing in wet or damp conditions.
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