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Lightweight Travel Trailers on the Market

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-24
The ability to tow a travel trailer is now simpler than ever now that manufacturers are building these types of trailers with a specific buyer in mind: the weekend traveler who doesn't need a huge RV in order to camp for a maximum of a couple days with the family. These lighter weight designs are geared for easy storage in a neighborhood driveway while offering the room and independence to getaway for a limited amount of time. These trailers can either sleep the whole family or act as a basecamp for families that also use tents and sleeping bags.
It should be noted that by offering these newer designs to the consumer it brings the ability to use smaller pickups, SUV's and even cars into the mix and enables more people to have a camping experience with a travel trailer as part of the vacation.
Of all the lightweight travel trailers that currently exist there are a few that really stand out to those who are shopping for true light weights. It is important to note that some of these may list themselves as a shorter model while the overall length is longer. This is because the trailers are indicating only the internal floor length not the total tongue to bumper length. For some of these they may weight less than twenty seven hundred pounds. This is very light for its length.
Some of these although do not have air conditioning and may not even have an outdoor awning to pull out and cover up from the sun. These may be sacrifices that lower the price but may not be acceptable for those traveling in hotter regions or areas where direct sun may be an issue. Others may not carry other types of appliances like microwaves. Many items may not come as standard issue. This isn't always a bad thing since now buyers can be more choosy and only include those things they really need. But be particular and pay attention to what might be included and what might not in order to make sure you choose everything that is needed for your particular travels.
The bottom line is customization. This is key. This gives any buyer the leeway to add only what is necessary and will save money on things that are just add ons to make a trailer seem 'loaded' when, in fact, it may simply overload the trailer. The idea is to keep it lighter and less of a burden on a smaller vehicle. The price therefore should be better and the options more open.
The attention paid to smaller trailers by the manufacturers makes for a broader selection and more options and variety is always good for the consumer.
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