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Know More About Folding Camper Trailers

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-15
Today, with everyone leading a fast paced life, one looks forward to a weekend getaway far from the hustle and bustle of the everyday city life. Earlier, planning any such outing would take a lot of time and money. But today with the availability of camper trailer tents, all that you need to do is just drive away, not worrying about food and lodging.
Things have been made even easier and convenient with the availability of folding trailer tents for camping. These tents are very simple and can be folded down for storage or when travelling. And as when you need to use it, you can unfold the camper to its full size and use it for camping.
These campers are quite similar to the pop-up campers as they can be both folded and raised as and when required. The folding campers can be expanded horizontally both ways unlike pop-up campers which can be expanded vertically.
The Various Benefits of Folding Campers
There are various benefits of these campers like:
· These campers are more convenient and cheaper in comparison to spending on recreational vehicles or RVs, both in terms of fuel consumption and initial cost. By using these campers, you can also save on booking hotel rooms or airline tickets.
· These campers help you plan a quick and easy travel. If you have access to these folding tents you can plan a last minute outing with your family and not have to worry about tickets or hotel bookings. All you need to do is just pack up and go.
· These are more comfortable than the tent camping. These campers are well equipped with small kitchens, toilets, hot running water and also have a comfortable bed.
Trailer tents are another alternative to folding campers. They are, however, bulkier than the folding campers.
There are other advantages which folding campers have over recreational vehicles and other forms of motor homes. They are lightweight and hence consume less oil. Thus, they are fuel efficient, small in size and easy to tow. They are also comparatively less expensive.
These folding campers provide you with the homely comforts like hot running water, kitchen facilities, and bathroom, and also provide you with the comfort of a bed. It can further be folded in compactly for travel.
There are different models and brands of these folding campers available. If you opt for the basic model, then you will get a trailer tent with very simple sleeping platforms. The luxury model, on the other hand, provides you with comfortable fixed beds, awnings, carpets, toilet facilities, hot running water and small oven and kitchen.
Folding campers thus provide comfort and convenience at a very affordable price. It is also very compact and light thus easy to drive and use. There is a wide variety of these folding trailer tents available at varying budgets. Thus, if you are looking for one then you can find something that suits your budget.
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