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Internet Shopping For An RV

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-10
Who would have ever thought you could by something as expensive as a RV on the internet? I remember when I first entered the RV industry. There was just a fraction of models and brands as there is today. It was almost overwhelming how much I had to learn to be able to communicate intelligently in regards to knowledge needed.
Today the number of manufacturers is unbelievable. This little industry in now known by almost everyone. Each manufacturer builds a slew of different brands with an unbelievable amount of varying floor plans. Even being in the industry for over thirty years and growing with it, I still struggle to keep abreast of all the changes.
Now bring in the internet and we have added a whole new dimension of what one needs to know to stay current in the market place. The individual that is just beginning to shop for a RV has their work cut out for themselves if they want to make an informed buying decision.
The internet is a wonderful tool. The information you can gather on just about any subject is overly abundant. It is a wonderful place to begin gathering information about the RV you are thinking about. You can find numerous manufacture websites and dealer websites. You can find blogs by the dozens. In the end, however, you will eventually make your way to a RV dealership to make your purchase. Well, maybe.
I am amazed at how many RV's are being sold to people without ever meeting face to face. If you are one of the people that wants to buy a RV strictly without ever meeting the dealer that sold to you--congratulations.
While I do not recommend this as your best way to buy an RV, it is most likely the cheapest way to do it. Well, maybe. When you buy one over the internet you probably will not get an orientation that is a key element in this type of purchase.
We have surveyed our customers to find out the most important parts of the buying process they found to be the most beneficial. I am amazed at how high the orientation is always rated. It is during this period that you really begin getting educated on all the little nuances of a motor home or travel trailer.
So I recommend that you really consider the value added feature of an orientation. The pleasure of meeting the person that has sold you. Really important also, having a place that actually will be glad to give you service after the sale.
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