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Hydroponics For All - Patience Is a Virtue

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-12
At the beginning of all this I felt quite smug about the speed with which my plants were growing. WRONG!! That was just the beginning. I suppose it's a bit like house building in a way. You know how the new dwelling seems to go up in a matter of days and then nothing for weeks while they work on the inside?
Well, I've harvested all of 2, yes 2, pea pods from my pea plants. (When I was changing the nutrients and water I noticed that while the beans roots were feeding nicely, the pea roots did not seem to be actually reaching the water at all, so I took half of the growing medium out, lowering the plants in the pot, and am now scooping the nutrient water from the reservoir every day or two and pouring it over the pea plants, so that hopefully the roots will soon be long enough to feed on their own.)
Fortunately my beans are growing like Jack's (of beanstalk fame) did, but so far no beans. Still, to be honest, I can see the beginnings of flower buds. They're just not growing fast enough for me.
I have a friend who, I discovered, grows several plants hydroponically and who has promised me, tomatoes, bell peppers and chillies to add to my kit as soon as the roots are long enough to reach down into the water. Can't wait.
Mind, in the meantime, I have a couple of conventionally growing tomatoes so may well wash the roots from one of those and add it to my kit and see how well it does. One of the two looks pretty much big enough to have long enough root trailers and I can do the same for that as I have for the peas until it is established.
I confess though that being a new hydro grower, with very few contacts with other growers, I sometimes find it a little frustrating.
Still, the sun is shining today, so I will do some work in the garden before hassling my friend about the plants he has promised me. I fear I will always be an impatient sort, although I can button it down when I have to. Just often wish I didn't have to.
Well, have another tomato, a green capsicum to put into my kit and am wondering - should I add in the courgette or the Lebanese cucumber I bought at the same time???
Decisions, decisions, a growers mind is never still, is it??
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