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How to Use The Vehicle Electric Winch

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-25
Use the electric winch can trap vehicles, this tool in any difficulties can let your 4X4 continued.If you try, we introduce you to all the way, still can trap vehicles out? And finally, you can use a vehicle electric winch, automotive electric winch to deal with all difficulties. Let's look at the electric winch itself, we know, winch is through the wire rolls around in the work, which started from the drum, connected to the needs of the object, if fixed slightly longer than needed to open the wire length, it is easier to work together. Because it can reduce the diameter of wire in the motor, the condition of constant tension, increase. Even as the diameter of the drum drum drum diameter is effective, with around on the drum of wire length and the length of the wire, change, will make the electric winch produce different strength. Use the winch, had better be in above of wire coil, but most of all, if will pull out, and which may lead wire rolls off from, so is best left 35 circle in the drum. The great vehicle electric winch, if not be pulling the damaged car, may, therefore, had better choose professional protection, and make the winch have reliable fixed. How to use cables Winch itself is a very powerful tools, but sometimes, if not the use of cables, cannot fully exert the function of the winch. If need to use the winch finish work, heavier should change the direction of cables, cable direction is the direction of force transmission, at this moment, can use one or a group of pulley, with two lines of cables, winch cable with a load is half, with three cables, electric winch was only need to take one third of tension. But in the scroll of wire, wire need time is also more long. Japan has high electric winch, vehicle gear can make up for the deficiency of this dilemma, you get more time. Where installation electric winch Winch is a handy tool, but the winch installation where the best in vehicle? Winch including wire, motor and winch seat, the weight of the whole winch in 40-50 kg, and therefore should be installed near the winch despite the longitudinal axis or near the place, so easily destroyed vehicles. SINOORE 4X4 poles of professional protective gear fixed position that accords with afore-mentioned basic requirements. Because when ahead of trap, so someone like most likely will be installed in the rear of the car, but the winch, if want to rely on another car, or to help out ahead, installation is most effective electric winch position of drum head, winch centerline and vehicle should be as consistent, wire pull out of position as low as possible. If the distance from the ground wire, should use a piece of wood is on the ground, put up cables. Use the winch relief when another car first consideration, from which direction to pull out the vehicle safety is the most effective, if the right direction, vehicle may have deeper, and may even damaged vehicle. The basic principle is the trap along the vehicle movement direction slowly. If BanShanPo stuck in traffic, drag is safe, if not be dragged down, the vehicle will capsize trap, the vehicles could hit the rescue vehicles. If the wire long enough, you can use double or third-line way, reduce the load, if must gear, try to use single two car close to some. Another factor to consider what Angle, which is in the drum, according to need to adjust the position of the trailer, wire in the correct view on the drum around, if the right Angle, which may have paved, even at the side may fall when the cable. Use manual winch is difficult to rescue vehicles, it is the auxiliary equipment, if use a clever, which also can change to rescue a great help.
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