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How to Pick the Best Camper Trailer for Your Needs?

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-26
If you are thinking about taking time off to explore what Australia has to offer, then buying your own camper trailer is a great idea. Yet, when you view the size and degree of the range, it can be a bit perplexing. With camper trailers in Adelaide offered in numerous colours and with multiple options, you are bound to find the perfect camper trailer for your needs. HOW TO PICK THE BEST CAMPER TRAILER FOR YOUR NEEDS There are many places to shop for camper trailers in Adelaide, but do you know what to look for? Here are the questions you should ask in order to make the right choice. Ball Weight Make sure the camper trailer you prefer is a suitable ball-weight for your vehicle. Can the front of the trailer be lifted? Circumstances could arise where you may need to unhook the trailer and turn it around in off-road conditions or leave it in the shed at home. A rule of thumb is to have 10% to 15% of the trailers-weight on the hitch. Bearings What sized bearing does the camper trailer have? Can they handle the toughness of corrugated roads? Do they have lobe greased often? How are they inspected for wear and do you receive spare bearings with the camper? Battery Does the camper have an onboard-battery setup? How would you charge the battery? Brakes Electric, mechanical, and hydraulic, each have their own advantages; however, in an off-road situation, trailer brakes powered by an electric controller within the driver's reach is quite handy, particularly on a downhill trail. Chassis What is the chassis made of angle or RHS? What is the wall thickness of the RHS? Does the trailer hence complete chassis beneath it? Is the chassis hot dipped galvanized or painted? Compatibility Take a look at the weight of the camper trailer. What is the axle-weight? Does your vehicle have the ability to tow the camper? If so, will it be within your vehicle's manufactured suggested towing capacity? Electrics What is the volt system and does the camper have a battery recharging system? Floor What type of floor does it have? A soft or hard floor? Is the floor off the ground? Fridge Is the camper equipped with an on board-fridge? Is it two or three way? Can the fridge be carried on the drawbar or inside? Kitchen Is the kitchen outside or inside? Is there lots of cover if it starts to rain? Does the camper have to be erected in order to access the kitchen? Lighting What is the voltage of the lighting inside or outside the camper? Is lighting placed over the kitchen area? Does the camper have a cigarette lighter plug to use for lighting as well? Lockers Does the camper have side or front-mounted lockers for additional storage? Can they be locked? Are they resistant to dust and water? Lockable Can the trailer be locked to prevent theft when parked on the street or in a camp? Plug What type of wiring does the trailer plug have? What are the number of pins? Will the vehicle plugs need to be rewired? Will the company rewire the trailer for you? Water/Fuel Where is the water-tank? Is it stainless steel, fibreglass, or plastic? Does it have a gauge and stone guard? Can the filler-lid be locked? Does it have an electric or hand pump or better still both? Weight Distribution Will the rear of the vehicle drop once it is hitched up to the camper trailer? Is the drawbar overloaded? You might need towing assistance like adjustable shocks, up-rated suspension, or Polyairs. Wheels Will you be offered a choice of tires? Can you get the identical tires you have on your vehicle? Is it better to have the same wheel-tire combination as your vehicle when travelling to off-road places? If you have two spares, a good tire repair kit and pump, you can pretty much get yourself out of predicaments and back on the road again. Cost Probably the biggest issue is the cost. The simple question to ask yourself is does what you want fit within your budget? Insurance How much will the insurance cost and exactly what does it cover? Will you be covered off-road? Extras Take a look at what extras are being offered. Extra awnings, water tanks, outboard racks, meshed gazebos, tropical double roof, firewood racks, boat racks, and so on. Don't forget to ask if you can get especial deal on extras if you order them with a new camper rather than later on. Whenever you decide to it's time to buy a camper in Adelaide, be sure that the dealer has and experienced staff who can discuss the various options and features available on the campers to help you make a more informed choice.
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