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How to Choose Toys For Babies Between 12 to 18 Months

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-26
Children have a strong interest in toys, which build children a bridge to understand the environment. Therefore, preparing the appropriate toys for babies of the right age is very important. We choose toys based on the characteristics and mental development of the baby. According to the characteristics of babies 12 to 18 months, we recommend four categories of toys, and teach you how to guide them to play and to reach what kinds of expected effect. Firstly, in order to choose an appropriate toy, parents have to learn about the development characteristics of babies 12 to 18 months. Generally, it is the critical period of learning to walk, at this time most babies learn to walk, or even walk very steady, and even some children can learn to run, go up stairs by their own, will learn their own to kick the ball, throwing the ball. In fine action, the 12 to 18 months baby will graffito, call dad and mom consciously, can understand simple language and simple instructions of parents, refer to any of their facial features, and express views and needs with a single facial expressions and gestures. Based on the above characteristics, for the baby this age we choose the following four categories of toys. The first is to prepare three or four different sized balls, the small diameter 5 cm, and large can be 10 cm. Besides, prepare the bamboo weaved ball basket or make the ball a cardboard box. The second is water fun toys, speed bucket, small shovel, watering can, plastic spoon, as well as a flexible action doll, able to squeeze. The third choice is the drag walking toy car, a drag walking caterpillars with music, and musical ducklings. The fourth type toys are those part-active three-dimensional books, and other school-age books. While playing balls, you can help baby understand what is the meaning of taking out and putting into. For those water toys, children generally like splashing, so he can play with a variety of water toys, small watering can, bucket or a small shovel in the tub basin. In addition, you can take the kids to take a small watering can to water flowers and trees, or pinch flexible rubber doll moving to do squeeze water movement. At this time the child has just learned to walk, so he likes walking. We can let the little guy play with a small cart or a small trailer to do send things games. Repeatedly teach children to speak and understand, come, go, send or get a doll, words within two words. Above are the helpful and essential ways and tips to choosing toys for babies 12 to 18 months. Wish it is useful in foster a smart and healthy baby.
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