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How a Wireless Winch Control Works

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-05-27
A wireless winch control is a device that is connected with the front or back side of a heavy vehicle and it is used to lift or pull heavy vehicles. There is basic difference between a traditional winch and a wireless winch. The older winches are generally controlled manually. But the wireless winches are controlled by an automatic control unit. The typical winches are connected with a handheld controller. It is controlled by a cable or wire. Wireless winch devices can be controlled without any cable or wire. These winches can transmit wireless control signals. Generally the winches are controlled by radio frequency system but the other communication methods are also applied. Depending on the use the size and function of a radio winch varies. But the process in which the items are hauled is quite similar. Though there might be some variation in some winches. More or less all the radio winches work through same methods. A long cable is wrapped around a pulley by number of times. The pulley is attached with a motor that generally turns the wheel in any directions. This movement depends on the user's choice on which direction they want to move the cable. At first when the users first activate the motor to turn the pulley in a particular direction, the cable is fed out and it turns into a solid or heavy object. After that the pulley turns into the other direction and the cable is retracted. By doing this the cable will become able to move any heavy object or to pull the vehicle to which the wireless winch is attached. In the traditional winch system the users had to stand beside the system and they had to plug in a hand controller that was used to activate the pulley. No doubt, the process was more complex and hard. But the modern system doesn't need to plug in any hand controller. During the progress the users can move with vehicle and they can supervise the vehicle or the products that are being moved. These wireless systems are also very safe to use. As the user can move freely during its function they can protect themselves from getting caught in the moving pulley. The chance of getting injured by the vehicle is also very low. In some modern winches the users can also operate the whole system by sitting inside the vehicle. They are also able to drive the vehicle during the operation. Its uniqueness in appearance and its user friendliness makes the system more popular among the engineering companies. Those who want to adopt a radio winch for their use can contact with the manufacturers. They can also go through the manufacturers' website just by using their computer. These websites are very useful to get information about a particular wireless winch product. There one can find images of different products along with their price and short description. Although the price of the modern winch system is little high but the price can be considered as they are quite effective and useful rather than the old weird systems.
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