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Helpful Tips For Relocating

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-04
Shifting home is a lot of work whatever the distance and whatever the size of the relocation. It can be stressful, frustrating and incredibly exciting all at the same time. Getting years of your life in order and packed is by no means an easy feat.
There are also many costs associated with relocating, moving vans, new furniture and storage space if you need it. But relocating doesn't have to be stressful or expensive, plan ahead and follow these two basic tips to make your move a little easier and hopefully more cost effective.
Moving is the perfect opportunity for you to get rid of the clutter, this is the extra 'stuff' sitting in cupboards and which you haven't used in years. There's no point moving all these things to somewhere new, start culling well before you start packing and you will be amazed how much space you free up.
Get the measurements for the new rooms in the home you are moving into. If your old furniture doesn't fit recycle or sell it. For those valuable pieces of furniture and goods that you inherited or bought, think about renting a long-term storage unit to keep it safe until you can bequeath to family or friends. Also, with the average wardrobe weight of any one person reaching just over 35 kilos, it might be a good time to head to the charity store or a recycled clothing bin to get rid of excess clothes as well.
Think of it as a fresh start. With less 'stuff' you'll save on moving costs and maybe offset some other costs by selling what you don't need. But start preparing early, get ads up on second hand trade websites or put a garage sale listing in the newspaper to give yourself enough opportunity to de-clutter before you start packing.
Hire a Removal Truck/Van/Trailer
People sometimes have difficulty weighing up the cost of using a professional moving company or doing it themselves and convincing friends and family to help out. While utilising a local moving company can save you time and a fair amount of hassle, hiring moving vehicles like trucks, trailers and vans can save you a lot of money.
Hiring a truck, van or trailer means you will have more control over the time it takes to pack and unpack, and you won't be waiting around for removal companies to finish their job. Also, people do sometimes complain of lost or damaged goods when using a moving company. When you're in charge of everything from packing and loading up the truck to moving, you can rest a little easier knowing that everything was done with your supervision and input. It also allows you to give friends and family exact times to meet when you need those extra hands to shift the heavy furniture!
So, when it is time to relocate remember - plan ahead, de-clutter, store excess furniture and goods in a safe storage unit, hire a moving vehicle if you can, and then relax. Hopefully you have done enough to ensure a smooth, affordable transition into your new home.
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