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Features of Bale Trailers

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-07
Owning bale trailers is very significant and it is equally important to own self-unloading bale trailers. There are various reasons why you should opt for a self-unloading. The first and foremost reason is that the loading process is easy and fast which thereby helps to save more money and time. The second reason is that the unloading process is much faster and easier. Once you load the bales onto the trailer, you don't have to tie down the load. The bales will be securely and safely carried and moved to the respective places.
The self unload aspect eradicates the requirement for a loader to be present at the point of storage. It can be done with much ease. But you should make sure to buy the best bale trailers. You can easily find the best in the market if they have some great qualities such as the ones mentioned below.
The bale trailer should have double latch system. Most of these will only have single latch to lock and protect the cradle of the trailer. It will actually create and house more than 12,000 lbs of pressure over the latch. When you use a bale trailer that has double latch, the pressure will be divided by half. Thus it becomes much durable and safe to use double latch. The double latch will be mostly stronger in nature and will more thick walls on the main member.
It will also be more stable in nature. The frame present in this with double latch system will be five foot wide while the other ordinary ones will only have a frame that is four foot wide. The best bale trailer will have rectangular wall frames which are supposed to be stronger, heavier and sturdier.
A good bale trailer will utilize only one piece rail supports as a replacement for the cut and welded rail supports. This will help to decrease and lessen the weld numbers involved in the construction to a great extent. The arms would be strengthened and supported with flat steel.
Most of the bale trailers will have pulling back jacks that are loaded with springs, 16' steel wheels, tail and clearance lights, safety reflectors and 10 ply tires. Some manufacturers offer 2 year structural warranty for the tires and axles. There are various other options available in this such as E Z lube axles, electric brakes, 14 ply tires and safety chains. If you by now own tires and wheels, or wheels alone, then you can easily save more money.
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