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Drum Stands And Cradles

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-06-02
Working in the cable installation industry implies to work with different pieces of equipment that can go from a simple screwdriver to big cable drum stands used to carry cables. It also means using arc flash PPE or arc flash protection clothing as working around electric cables and electricity can be very dangerous. Some of the equipment you may also come across is a drum cradle. This is part of the drum handling equipment you will certainly need to manipulate drum and of course use the cable on the drum. Drum cradles and more particularly flatbed railway drum cradles are specially made to help move a drum and unroll or roll the cable around it to then use it. Those railway drum cradles have been designed to be mainly used on the rail network and when cable installation is needed around rails. The braking system in those drum cradles includes different elements that guarantee full pressure stringing of the cable used. It is also galvanized to prevent the metal and whole structure of the cradle from rusting and being corroded by the rain for instance. It also has strong brakes to make sure the whole structure does not move on the rails while being used to install, repair or replace cables. It also exists less advanced types of drum cradles that are only used to carry smaller drums from one place to another in a factory or a storage facility. When used near a source of electricity, it is important, because it is made of conducting materials, to wear arc flash protection clothing even if the handles for example are usually protected by insulated plastic. A lot of companies working in the cable installation field also use other more high tech equipment like rugged laptops and probably equipment to measure the electric intensity around a cable or a pole or even something to check if there is no problem on current cables. Obviously, a cradle is not something you would use to carry drums. You would need a drum trailer to carry the cable drum from one point to the working area but then you would need a big cradle like one we have just talked about to put it into action, especially if the work is done on the rail network. On top of that, different other pieces of equipment would have to be used to ensure of a well done and safe job.
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