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Divine Feeling at Palani Murugan Temple in Palani

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-06-03
Introduction The temple of Palani Murugan has its own mythology attached to this place. It is believed that once a saint named Naradhar came to visit Lord Shiva and Parvathi with a mango in his hand. As Naradhar is known for his heavenly tricky plays, he gave the fruit to Lord Shiva and said that it is a wisdom fruit. Later Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi's children, Ganesha and Muruga wanted to have the fruit themselves and were not prepared to share. Therefore, a condition was laid that whoever completes the earth's rotation can have the fruit. On hearing this Lord Muruga went on his peacock to complete the earth's rotation. However, as we all know Lord Ganesha is the God of intelligence, he thought his parents equivalent to the earth and won the wisdom fruit by completing the rotation around them. When Lord Muruga came to know about how his brother got the wisdom fruit, he was very furious and sacrificed everything including the clothes and went to the Palani hill. Then mother Parvathi and Lord Shiva themselves came to convince him referring him as palam Ni, means you are the fruit yourself and thus, the place got the name Palani. The construction of the temple is of the period ruled by Chera Kings of the South Kongu Nadu. From the inscriptions in the main sanctum, it dates back to the 13th century, which is known for the rule of Pandean Kings as well as Chola kings. They also contributed their share for the temple festivals and Lord Muruga's worship. Tourist Attraction Temple of Paada Vinayagar - As there is Lord Ganesha's temple (known as Vinayagar in Tamil language) situated at the steps of the temple, it has got this name. At the starting point of the steps there is a huge idol of stone peacock, which is amazing. After worshiping here one has to start climbing the hills. There are 697 steps to reach the main temple on the hill. This route is beautiful, as you can see various small temples for the Edumban on your way. You can also find mandapams to take rest while climbing the steps. However, the beautiful view while climbing the steps and cool breeze from the ghats makes you forget your tiredness and puts a new energy in your body to climb the steps. Elephant Path - During various festivals there are many elephants spotted in the temple vicinity. On the way to the Elephant Path you can find small water resource called Valli Sonai. Winch facility - Keeping in mind the aged, children and disabled people, who are interested in visiting Palani Murugan Temple, a winch facility was introduced. At present there are only 3 operating winches to carry pilgrims to the Murugan temple and the charges for the winch are also affordable. How to Reach Palani Murugan Temple Palani is easily accessible by road, rail and air. The airport in Madurai and Coimbatore are close by. From the airport you can hire a bus or taxi to reach Palani. Booking a bus in Coimbatore or Madurai would also be convenient as you can travel without any tension. Bus ticket reservations can be done earlier to avoid last minute disappointment.
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