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Choosing the Right Boat Carpet

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-19
When you own a boat that has an interior cabin, one of the most important things about that cabin is the type of boat carpet you select. This personal touch can make the cabin more comfortable, safer due to the likelihood of slippery surfaces, and can help to make your boat look put together and neat.
There are several different things to consider when choosing boat carpet. The most important of all these things is to consider the type of backing and water proofing of the material. The reason that this type has its own sub category is that it is constructed differently than the traditional type. If you put regular carpet in your vessel, you would likely also get mold, a poor fit, and the need to replace your flooring frequently due to stains and wear. In order to make the most of your carpet you should opt for a product that has rubber backing to reduce mold and a manageable shag.
If you choose a carpet that has a long shag to it odds are it is going to get dirty quite a bit faster and that it is going to wear out sooner. If you choose a product that has a short shag to it and is compact, it will be much more durable and useful. Another thing to consider is what material the product is made from. Carpets that have a higher concentration of fibers are often more durable as it is harder to notice wear in them and they are more tightly packed. Carpets with lower density fibers are cheaper but also wear out faster.
Yet another thing to consider is the color of your boat carpet. Not only is it important to match the color scheme of your boat but it is also important to choose a carpet color that will not attract a lot of dirt. If you have an area to carpet that is highly trafficked it is optimal to choose a darker color to mask stains and wear. If you have an area that is only accessed say when you do not have shoes on like a bedroom then a lighter color should be fine. Lastly, when you choose, it is important that if you do not have a professional install it for you, you go through the steps necessary to ensure that you know what you are doing so that you do not damage your carpets.
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