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Capstan Winches

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-19
A capstan winch is often used primarily in nautical settings. It is a large vertical winch used to raise and lower heavy items such as anchors, pulling crab and lobster traps and raising sails. Capstan winches date back many centuries. Historically they are known to be used for floggings. Although this was not the intended use, it was a good place to carry out punishments. Before corporal punishment was done away with, the best way to keep the strict discipline of sailors was the threat of flogging. The British Navy was well known for their strict adherence to a book titled 'Articles of War'. This was a book of punishments for all types of crimes from theft to more severe charges such as insubordination. Depending on how severe the crime was, the number of lashes one would receive would be determined. For one to receive a public flogging, it was the ultimate humiliation a sailor could receive.
When used for its intended purpose, the capstan winch is a much respected piece of equipment. They are no longer used just for naval ships. Private boat owners are able to install the hydraulic winches rather than the manual winches.
The basic design of capstan rope winches has not changed much throughout the centuries. You can think of it like a hose on a reel. You would wind the reel to bring the hose in. With capstan winches this is the basic principal but on a much larger scale. With modern developments, the capstan rope winches are now made with hydraulics or pneumatics.
The capstan winch uses a 12 volt DC motor that allows you to do any job with ease and efficiency. It is a lot safer than a manual capstan winch. There is less of a chance of injury by using the hydraulic winch. These winches come in different pulling capacity and speed options. You can get them with optional accessories such as a foot pedal switch.
A capstan winch is basically maintenance free. All of the components are rust proof, only have a few moving parts and are actually a simply constructed piece. The hydraulic capstan winch can make your boating life much easier and enjoyable. By having one of these winches you will no longer have to do all of the hard work manually allowing for more time on the water doing what you enjoy. These days it just makes sense to install a hydraulic capstan winch.
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