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Camping With A Pop-Up Trailer

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-29
Pop-up campers are also known as folding camping trailers. These campers started out as tents on top of trailers, but now a days they have evolved into multifaceted recreational vehicles, just like any other trailers to be towed in back of a vehicle. They come in sizes from 8 to 19 feet closed as a box while traveling but can be extended to more than double its box size when opened. Some are loaded with amenities such as a kitchen with stove, which can be taken outside to use, refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker. A bathroom with toilet, wash basin and a shower. For winter comfort there is a furnace, some with heated mattresses, for summer, then there is air conditioning. Some newer models in 2012 have hard fiberglass sides that form an A-frame when opened and still fold down on top when traveling.
The manufacturers of these trailers offer campers unlimited choices, aiming to encourage people to go camping, to live an outdoor lifestyle with all the indoor conveniences. My own experience tells me that all my senses become sharper during a camping trip, especially at night. The fresh air, the feel of openness, the sounds of small critters and even the closeness with fellow campers are all priceless for my enjoyment at that moment, then later, for beautiful memories.
When relatives come to visit us, the first item on our agenda is to plan a camping trip with them, whether near by or at a distance depending on their scheduled visit. We've owned 4 different size and make of pop-up trailers over the past 50 years. From a very small, bare one to a deluxe one loaded with amenities, even with an automatic lift so I no longer have to 'crank'. One thing remained constant with all of them was that I slept well in my own bed, whether single or double. I always woke up in a great mood, full of energy, ready for the day's adventures. Of the 4 pop-ups, only the latest one was used by only my wife and myself so far. All the others had hosted relatives and friends. On our first trip out west, with our very young boys, and my teen-aged brother-in-law who came along, he slept in the station wagon. Then when we returned to Virginia from the west coast, via New York to visit the 1964 World's Fair, my wife's 65 year old aunt came along too. I had to sleep in the wagon then too. However, with 7 people, a small pop-up and a station wagon, I recall that we had a wonderful time, which even groomed my brother-in-law to become a camper later with his own family.
Camping is such a fun and bonding activity no matter how you do it. I recommend that you do it soon, maybe on your next vacation.
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