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Camper Trailer Maintenance

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-06-05
Having a camper trailer is like becoming a snail. Suddenly you have your home on your back, and this then means that you can stop anywhere and make anywhere into a cosy and relaxing place to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. However at the same time this also means that you essentially have a small property attached to the back of your car, and everything that comes with that which means there is certain maintenance that needs to be carried out that can result in expensive repairs, or even leave you unsafe if neglected. Here we will look at some of the necessary trailer maintenance you need to carry out and why it is so important Lights Like a car, a camper trailer has lights on the back to help other traffic to see you on the road and thereby prevent an accident. However, once again like a car this can go wrong from time to time and you can find that you end up needing to replace your bulb, or having cracked plastic around them. It is crucial to replace these in this case to avoid an accident. Autoglass Similarly like a car, a camper trailer has auto glass which helps to maintain the integrity of your vehicle, keep your warm, and more importantly keep you safe when you are spending the night in there. It's thus very important to make sure that this gets replaced should anything happen to it. Tires Over time the tires on a camper trailer will deflate like any other, and you need to therefore fill them back up as you would the tires of your car. Otherwise this can slow down your trailer which will mean you waste more fuel driving and which will mean that you are slower getting to your destination. Again it will be more difficult to notice any problems with the tires on your trailer as you aren't sat on top of them in the same way you are when you drive a car. As such then you should make sure to again check this regularly before heading out on a long journey. Interior Of course there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done around the home, and much of this will also apply in a camper trailer. This means things like keeping your carpet cleaning and dusting and this is very important partly because of the small size of a camper trailer - which will mean the air quickly becomes recycled and filled with dust particles and bacteria. Using a carpet cleaner on your carpeting and washing the curtains won't hurt from time to time. At the same time you also need to make sure that you pick up anything that you have left lying around the floor and this is again particularly important in a camper van. Not only because you can otherwise trip over something, but also because it can otherwise rattle around inside your trailer when you are driving and potentially cause a lot of damage that way.
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