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Boat Winch Handle Products

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-22
There are numerous factors to consider in choosing the right. The right should be compatible with the anchor size, vessel size, displacement and windage. After considering all the said factors the next step would be to find reliable manufacturers that offer efficient and durable quality products.
Minn Kota started in the year 1934 in North Dakota. It was in 1934 when they created their first electric-gear driven motor. Mr. O.G. Schmidt founder of this company continued to develop there products since then, which later on made the company more competitive even in the world market.
DeckHand Dh-40 Electric Anchor Winch is a hassle-free that product of Minn Kota. DeckHand is powered by 12-volts of battery that allows this device to raise and lower the boat's anchor via a push-button command. It also has an Auto-drift feature that can automatically cease the winch's operation when it hits the ground or an object. This winch can be locked and unlocked using its touch button control features. DeckHand is not designed for saltwater sailing.
Powerwinch has been one of the top winch product providers for 50 years now. It manufactures different sailing products that provide sailors with outmost convenience and automation.
Class 24 Pontoon and Fishing Boat Anchor Winch is a product of Powerwinch. It offers a high quality level of convenience for anchor lifting of up to 24 feet boats. This winch has the ability to automatically retrieve anchor powered by 12V and 15 amp circuit breakers. This winch package comes with an easy installation kit.
Attwood is a manufacturer of many different boating products. It was founded in 1893 by Charles F. Attwood and has been awarded many times for its excellent innovative creations.
Lift N Lock Anchor Winch is manufactured by Attwood. It is designed with Attwood's very own Lift and Lock anchor system. It integrates a simple and easy to use anchor system. The design of this product can control the anchor from up to different directions and can accommodate up to 20lbs of anchor weight.
Worth Company has been around for over 60 years. It is a Worth family business with the 3rd generation running it already. It houses its own complete production facilities to ensure the production of top quality products.
Anchormate Anchor Winch is presented by Worth Company. It is a designed to secure anchor facilitation and provide safe sailing. This boat winch product can support up to 12lbs of anchor weight. Anchormate is designed with steel cover electrostatic powder paint finish. It is also easy to use and install.
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