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Boat Trailers: Precision Aluminum and Galvanized

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-27
Safely transport a boat to its next destination with an aluminum or galvanized-steel boat trailer. A quality-engineered trailer includes such components as the axles, frame, hubs, tires, winch, rollers, lights, and bearings. Some trailers also feature trailer brakes. Each component is essential and requires routine inspections.
Irrespective of what needs towing - whether it is a sailboat, V-hull boat, jet ski, catamaran, skiffs or pontoon boats - if it floats, there is a road trailer with the muscle and load capacity (900 to 12,000-lb) to handle the particular hull and motor specifications, as well as offering ease in loading and launching on arrival at the slip.
If looking at the availability of trailers, it is important to note the vessels overall weight, inclusive of all gear, machinery and equipment on board. Some of the manufactures don't state the 'wet weight' in the published specifications, so add on such items as water (6.5-lbs per gallon), engine fuel (8.5-lbs per gallon) batteries, and any other items kept on board. A twin or tandem axle trailer is often advised for boats at 3,500-lbs or more.
Helpful advice on which of the single axle, tandem axle, or tri axle trailer is most suited to a particular make or model of craft is often available from the boat manufacturers themselves. Each of the brand name trailers are built to give excellent support, so just check to establish the most suitable model for the intended trip.
Magic Tilt, Trailmaster, Broward, McCain, AmeraTrail, EZ Loader, Murray, and Loadmaster all manufacture a series of aluminum (avoids rusting) or galvanized boat trailers for complete ease in getting from point A to point B in the quickest and safest way possible.
In use, a boat trailer with rollers is easier to operate in areas of tidal variance or shallow ramps. Frequent users of trailers appreciate the convenience and ease of the free moving rollers, while the 'bunk' designed trailer is aimed more at the boater that launches and recovers less often, or drops the boat in at destinations with minimal tidal fluctuations. Bunk styled trailers often come fully adjustable to make fitting a particular craft a simple process.
Also, it is vital to keep in place a proper maintenance schedule for the trailer and related equipment. As soon as a galvanized trailer rests on the slip after launch, the damaging corrosive process starts. After each use of the trailer, it is always a benefit to wash down the entire trailer. Proper care of the boat trailer can extend its life greatly. Lubricating such movable parts such as the winch, tongue jack, and coupler with a high-quality lubricant is also advisable.
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