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Boat Trailer and Towing Tips

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-19
Whether you are towing a fishing boat or competition ski boat it is important to follow some best practices to ensure you tow your boat safely and that you don't look like a Rodney towing down the highway.
If you remember these simple tips you'll look like a pro and get to where you're going faster.
1. Don't tow with your cover on your boat. Not only is it dangerous if it is not tied on tightly, you'll also stretch it out, lessening its useful life. And it will surely earn you a Barney award.
2. Make sure that you test out all your lights. Don't assume they are working just because they were the last time. Have a neighbor standby your trailer and give you the thumbs up when you hit the brakes or turn on your turning signals.
3. Make sure that your Bow winch Strap is tight and that your trailer winch does not need to be replaced or serviced. Even a little bit of movement can cause additional wear and lead to early fatigue of the strap and potentially worse issues if it breaks while under tow. It is a good idea to replace your strap when it starts to look tired. Don't wait until it breaks its inexpensive insurance.
4. Boat tie down straps should also be tight. You don't want your boat bouncing around on your trailer. It's not good for your boat or your trailer. It will also earn you some Barney points.
5. Make sure you've gone through your boat completely prior to driving out of your driveway or storage facility. Make sure you have secured EVERYTHING that may decided to fly out while you are towing your boat.
6. Inspect your tires. It's very easy to do and if they need replacing, replace. If they need air, put air in them. It is a pain to change trailer wheels while on the road. Much easier to do in your driveway!
7. Ask yourself when the last time you had your wheel bearings serviced. It might be time. Also, check to ensure your spare tire is in good condition and you have a plan of action if it is needed.
8. For lighter boats use a trailer dolly to move your boat into tight fit locations. It will save you from a sore back.
Most of all, drive safely and follow the rules of the road for towing a trailer. We have a full inventory of boating supplies, including trailer winches, trailers, and tie downs.
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