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Boat Electric Winch

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-17
The question that many new boat owners are facing is whether to use a standard trailer winch boat or an electric winch boat trailer. You have some of the old timers who refuse to admit that the technology is worth it and still want to crank the winch by hand to bring the boat back on the rolls. Then of course you have the new generation that wants every gadget known to mankind and will not settle for anything but the best in a trailer winch boat. Ultimately, you'll have to take a decision and get the right one for you.
If you put them side by side, it would hardly seem to be an argument about who to buy. The boat trailer electric winch will have better features and is much easier to use. The disadvantage is of course they will cost much more money. However, all this is relative as the winch itself is not really very expensive.
If you buy a top of the line hand winch, you'll probably spend about $ 70 or more. This will provide trailer winch boat which can carry about 2,500 pounds and run a rolling boat weighs about 8000 lbs. For the same model that is electric, you'll probably spend about $ 150. Now while that is double the money, it's really not that big of a deal. You talk about spending 1% of the cost of the boat to make your life a little easier when you put the boat in the water and out of the water.
Indeed, an electric winch will make your life much easier. No more struggling to get the boat on the trailer at the end of the day and you can really transform what is usually an operation two or three man in a one-man show. Why should you not be able to enjoy your boat, because you have no one to go on the water with you? With an electric winch, which is no longer a problem. Choosing an electric winch, which is used to pull a car, boat, crane or truck from a problematic area can be confusing due to the great number of choices available. The electric winch is powered by the vehicle's battery. Electric winches are more universal than other types, which is why consumers go for them.
If you have a few extra dollars in your portfolio, you would be well served to get the electric winch. It makes life much easier and will save you a few years back. Instead of fighting to get back in your boat on the trailer, all you have to do is align it and press a button. From there, your boat trailer electric winch will do the rest work for you.
The use of a manual or electric boat trailer winch is dependent upon the size of the water craft. Generally, the rule of thumb is that any boat that is 23 feet or less is small enough in weight and size to allow the easy docking of the boat on a trailer. Therefore, any boat that exceeds 23 feet should be moved to the trailer from the water using an electric boat trailer winch.
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