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Big Government To The Rescue, But Why Are We Drowning

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-10
The Democrats, Left-Leaning Powers that be, and their socialist contingency seem to believe that the way out of debt is to spend more. Well, I think we all inherently know that isn't going to work, and yet, they keep preaching to their choir convincing them otherwise, promising of a utopian future, as the walls around the castle decay and come cascading down.
Do we really need big government? Some think so, in fact after Hurricane Super Storm Sandy most left-leaning individuals cried in unison; 'this is why we need big government - to help in emergencies, because some things business can't do - like FEMA,' they retorted. Really, are you sure about that, let's talk shall we?
There were three recent articles I think you ought to read, all of which appeared in the Wall Street Journal between November 2 -3.
1.) 'In Disaster Relief, Big Government Isn't Always Better,' by Cato Institute's Michael Tanner 2.) 'Millions Stuck in Dark, Cold - With Temperatures Falling, Crews Scramble to Restore Power in Storm's Wake,' by Rebecca Smith and Dionne Searcey. 3.) 'Few Big FEMA Generators Humming - Federal Officials' Tally of Emergency Power Supplies Shifts; Stricken States Tap Fraction of Equipment,' by Devlin Barrett
The first article reminds us of those FEMA Trailers, some $878 million worth, most never used, sold at auction or destroyed as they had formaldehyde in them - oh how soon we forget indeed. Further, we still have the Democrats complaining about Hurricane Katrina, wasn't that their big government at work? The second article showed a map of the millions still without power several days after the storm, and noted another big cold-snap (snow, ice, wicked winds) is on its way, and if the power is not on by then, everyone there will be SOL.
The third article, notes that FEMA has 400 giant generators stationed throughout the East Coast, but they just don't have the fuel to run them, so, they aren't doing much good. Interestingly enough, there was an article in the New York Times which indicated two large generators in Central Park were running non-stop in the make shift command center for the relief efforts, along with get this; catered food for the relief teams. I guess the big government sure knows how to take care of; itself.
Okay so, what's my point? Well, let me tell you a story coming in from a friend in New Jersey. You see, he has back-up generators but they had run out of fuel after four days, so he sent his son to go stand in line at the gas station. Turns out FEMA diverted the fuel delivery to the gas station to their mobile command center in town so they could run their own generators, so they could supposedly get the power up and running for everyone - but they haven't still. This article is now written 1-week after Super Storm Sandy hit.
Big governments don't help the people, they help themselves. Eventually they are so big, they no longer need the people - in fact, they see the people as a nuisance. So, if you want big socialist style government, then I say to you; be careful what you wish for my friend. Please consider all this and think on it.
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