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Basics of Fifth Wheel Hitches

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-06-07
As a result, they are also becoming longer and heavier. Standard ball tow hitches can no longer carry the burden of man of today's luxury trailers and fifth wheels. But how exactly do fifth wheel hitches work? Here are a few of the basics of fifth wheel hitches Portland. In a fifth wheel trailer, the front edge will typically extend over the rear bumper of the pickup truck. This means that the attachment point needs to be in the bed of the truck, rather than a ball hitch located on the rear bumper. Fifth wheel hitches resemble a large, flat horseshoe. Two metal rails attach to the frame of the truck for added strength and durability sit on either side of a metal plate. The trailer also has a metal plate that sits atop of the fifth wheel hitch plate and is secured with a king pin. The king pin has the ability to pivot for turning purposes. By installing a fifth wheel hitch in the bed of a pickup truck, the weight is distributed between the cab of the pickup truck and its rear axle, allowing it to tow a much greater load. When shopping for fifth wheel hitches Portland, it is important to make sure that your truck has the towing capacity to pull the extra weight of the trailer. The owner's manual usually lists the truck's rating. If you no longer have your owner's manual or the information is not listed in it, you can usually find the information online. The price of fifth wheel hitches Portland varies widely depending on the make and the model, as well as the gross trailer weight rating. Generally speaking, the higher the weight rating, the higher the price of the hitch. Features such as sliding hitches, higher quality bearings and wrap around king pin latches will also increase the price. Another premium feature found on fifth wheel hitches are self adjusting plastic strips that conform to the corrugations in the pickup truck bed corrugations for a smoother, quieter ride. Most people can install a fifth wheel hitch in the bed of their pickup truck on their own; custom fit installation kits make installation quick and easy. Or, you may choose to have a professional install it. Your decision will ultimately be determined by your own skills as well as your budget.
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