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ATV and UTV Work Horse Attachments

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-07-23
I would like to write about ATV and UTV attachments. There are many uses for ATV's there just not for play. I think anyone with a acreage should make the ATV useful around the property. I have been using my ATV for many years as a work horse around the farm. I first added a snow blade to the front of the machine which worked well for moving snow and also moving dirt and leveling ground. Then I made a front bucket for moving small amounts of dirt around. Its was more useful then using the tractor for a small job. I used the same idea as the snow blade I just used the winch to lift the bucket since most snow blades are manually lifted with a leaver setup. I mount a bow to the back of the machine to give it some weight on the back so I could get some traction and make the machine more stable. I have also mounted the bucket on the back of the machine just with a few mounting brackets.
A friend of mine has a UTV we mounted a front bucket to it and it works great. We used it for moving gravel and and bricks around the yard it works well for his landscaping business. One day I was thinking of renovating my garden and thought why not add a renovator to the back of the machine that was a awesome idea. I lent the renovator to a friend that has a 5 acre vegetable garden and he used the pull behind ATV renovator to till the weeds between the rows it worked great for that. As my orchard got bigger I started planting tree closer together and with a narrow driving space I found a mower that I could pull behind the ATV it does a great job and can do tight turns easier than the tractor.
I added a sprayer tank that's 50 litres to the back of the machine so I could mow and weed spray at the same time I saved a ton of time with the setup. I made a custom boom for spraying weeds and its simple anyone could build one. The pump is battery powered so have to wire it to your ATV or UTV directly. A friend of mine put a 200 liter tank on his UTV for weed spraying and the mower setup it works wonderful. I also found another use for the sprayer tank it was spraying my cherry trees for cherry fruit fly it works great with a simple boom setup. I also made a boom setup for spraying for peach tree borer very useful.
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