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A Quick Look at Two of the More Popular Trailer

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-23
Whether you are moving heavy equipment, a trailer or a boat, a trailer dolly can make your life a lot easier. The problem is that if you have never bought one before, you can get a little overwhelmed when you walk into a store. You pretty much know the salesperson is going to try and stick your for as much as they can, so you need to have a little information before you get there.
Two of the more popular manual trailer dollies on the market are the Northern Industrial and the Grizzly Trailer Dolly. While there are motorized trailer dollies out there, they are significantly more money and unless you are using them all the time, there is no need to spend all of that extra cash.
Both of these trailers come in around the same price point and up and down the line, will haul about the same weight. Their cheaper models start out around 600 pounds with the Grizzly having a slight edge to be able to haul a few more pounds. If you have heavier items, you will want to check out their other models that are built for more weight.
Something to be aware of is that both of these models use air filled tires. There is some debate to this as certain people would prefer to have the solid tires so that they don't blow out, at least they think that they won't. This should not really be a concern as long as you stick to the weight restrictions that come on the machine.
A trailer dolly can make your life a lot easier because you are able to be much more precise in your movements. Nothing is more frustrating that being an inch or two off and still having to manipulate the trailer because it has to be perfect. A trailer dolly makes the job a lot easier and lets you get back to other things instead of wasting your day moving around your trailer.
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