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A Guide to the Transportation of a Car

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-09
Successful transportation of a car from one place to another requires a successful planning. Choosing the right car courier company is the first step towards the successful transportation of a car.
The three main ways by which one can transport a car can be:
• By driving the car to the required destination. • Transporting the car on a single car trailer. • Transporting the car on a multi-car trailer.
The first way of transportation of a car mentioned above is the cheapest compared to the other two. But the main disadvantage is that the car can get damaged on the route and also the mileage of the car can increase more than the significant amount defined for long trips.
Transporting the car on a single enclosed car trailer is expensive and must be chosen as an option only if the car is irreplaceable and very valuable. So the option of using the multi-car trailer is probably the most feasible of all the options as the car is transported without any increase in its mileage and the charges for the transportation can also be divided between different customers. However the door step delivery is not covered by the multi-car trailer and you have to collect the car from a nearby hub.
The companies for the transportation services are very easy to find either in the market or even online. But you must always choose a company by comparing its services from the other companies with respect to money, reputation and reliability.
With the help of internet you can just Google around or can also have a look at Yellow Pages to locate the company which would be providing the best services according to your needs.
While selecting a company also make sure that it has an insurance policy to cover for the damage that can be caused by unfortunate incidents like accident, fire, theft etc. Check the type of damage as well as the financial amount to which the damage can be recovered. You can also sign the agreement to cover for any thing that goes wrong during the transportation.
After the company's selection for the transportation, 25% of the total fee has to be paid in advance which is quite normal and almost all companies require advance payment up to 25%.
The car transportation company usually provides certain tips that need to be covered when you have to prepare the car for the transportation. Some of the most common and useful tips for the clients are as follow:
• Clean the car.
• List all the damages that are already done to the car including chips, dents etc.
• Take high quality photographs as a proof of all the damages that are already done to the car and also note down the date.
• Make sure to remove any personal items from the car that are valuable as they are not covered under the insurance during the transportation. Also the heavy weight items can increase the weight of the car and make it prone to more damage during transportation.
• Inform the company about any leakage to avoid dangerous situations like catching fire etc
• Also make sure that the car is mechanically fit as the mechanical failures can delay the transportation.
When the car reaches the required destination, check it carefully. In case of any damage, consult with your insurance company along with the agreement that you signed before the transportation to recover for those damages.
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