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3 Things You Need to Know When Buying Boat Trailer Tires

by:Snowaves Mechanical      2020-08-22
At first glance, it might not seem like boat trailer tires are a particularly complicated purchase but the fact is there are several things you need to consider before you buy a set.
The first thing to keep in mind when buying tires for your trailer is to ensure that the set you get are in fact rated for trailer use. They are going to have a higher load range and a different sidewall construction. A trailer doesn't steer the same way a car or truck does, and the tires are built to account for that. Make sure the dealer you are getting them from really understands what the difference is.
Next is the size of the tires. Many boat trailers have smaller wheels, but in spite of that you can often put different sizes of tires on them. And you can always replace the rims with larger ones if you wish, as well.
Generally, a larger tire is better, for several reasons:
- Reduced tire wear - More forgiving of potholes and other hazards, resulting in less bouncing and movement for your boat - Easier on the wheel bearings
Boat trailer tires range anywhere from 8 inches to 16 inches in diameter. You might be limited in just how big you can go by the design of your trailer. The fenders or other parts may not allow you to put the largest tires on, at least without doing some modifications.
The last thing to consider is the conditions you normally pull it in. You can get different tread patterns and weather ratings for trailer tires, just like any other tires, and you want to ensure that they're rated for the types of conditions you will be towing it in.
If you remember these three tips when buying your new tires, you'll wind up with a set that will last longer and give you better performance over their life.
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